Vote for honesty, communication and accurate assessments

I believe that with my experience, broad knowledge of the departments and operations, my love for Bonner County and commitment to public service, we can accomplish the change needed to ensure accuracy and avoid costly mistakes to our tax paying residents.

Why am I running for assessor?

I am running for Bonner County Assessor because there needs to be change within the office. We need to work on collaboration, internally and externally. We need to implement the usage of statute driven standard operating procedures or check lists that ensure accuracy, to avoid mistakes that are costly to tax payers, the county, and taxing districts. We need to stop duplicating work. We need to evaluate staffing needs and hire appropriately. We need to improve customer service and invest in technology that allows our staff to perform more efficiently. We need to look at the future of DMV, funding and otherwise, and how to efficiently run our offices in Bonner County.

I am qualified, uniquely positioned and I am ready to be your next Bonner County Assessor.

Long-time bonner County Resident

Growing up in Bonner County has allowed me to experience the lifestyle, the people, the politics and the growth. I believe I have an exceptional understanding of the current issues and the solutions for Bonner County residents.

Extensive Experience

I’ve been working for Bonner County in the Commissioner’s Office, and have been with the county for almost seven years. I am the Business Operations Manager for the Board of County Commissioners and also the Public Information Officer for Bonner County.

Collaboration as Key

We need to work on communication and collaboration, both internally and externally to accomplish the goals that are necessary and re-establish trust with our Bonner County residents and the assessor’s office. 

Issues to address

Commercial Assessments

Residential properties in Bonner County carry a disproportionate burden of taxes. Commercial values are extremely low, with thousands of “adjustments”. These properties and valuation method need to be audited.


Compliance with statutory processes – We need to make sure our staff members are performing their tasks with accuracy. Many functions of the Assessor’s Office operations are statutorily driven and leaves no room for guess work. This will ensure that we are avoiding costly mistakes.

Public Outreach

Bonner County residents need to know what the Assessor does, what the office functions are, and how it impacts them. I plan to implement a series of workshops and other avenues of public outreach to educate and inform the taxpayers of Bonner County.

Customer Service

Work to improve this basic necessity in every Bonner County office.


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of timber and agricultural exemptions that need audited. We need to ensure compliance, so as not to create a tax shift for Bonner County residents who are not entitled to these exemptions.

Staffing Issues

There has been an incredibly high turnover rate in the Assessor’s Office for the last couple years. Research needs to be done to determine why and how we can decrease turnover. We need long term employees in these complex positions.


We desperately need to join the technological age, everything from our website, to hand held technology, to working with other Bonner County offices. We need to be more efficient, work duplication is unacceptable.

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